Empower Your Team with Targeted Learning

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Customized Training Options to Elevate Your Team's Skills

At Bluehub, we recognize that practical training is the cornerstone of mastering new technology. That’s why we offer Essential and Advanced Training Options, each tailored to match the expertise level of your team, whether they are new to VOIP and PBX systems or seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their skills.

Identify Your Team's Level

The first step in our process is assessing your team’s skill level. This assessment helps us understand whether they are beginners needing a solid foundation or are ready for more complex challenges.

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Select the Perfect Fit

Essential Training

Designed for those with some VOIP and PBX background, focusing on important features and deployment strategies. This session runs for 3.5 hours plus 30 minutes for Q&A, making it ideal for reinforcing fundamental skills.

Advanced Training

Suitable for new and experienced users who aim to master all features and administrative settings comprehensively. This extensive training lasts 7.5 hours with an added 30 minutes for Q&A, diving deep into advanced functionalities and customization options.

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Engage and Excel

Choose the session that best suits your team’s needs and engage in a program that boosts performance and job satisfaction. Each session is designed to empower your team members, turning them into proficient users who can effectively navigate and utilize the Bluehub UC systems.

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A Fully Equipped, Empowered Team

Your team will be well-versed in Bluehub UC, equipped to apply advanced strategies, ensure seamless system maintenance, and enhance customer interactions with superior communication skills. This transformation in their capabilities will redefine your organization’s communication strategy, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Book Your Training Adventure!

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