Optimize your Contact Center Operations with Bluehub Contact Centre Software

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Revolutionize Your Customer Interactions

Whether you operate a large, multifaceted contact center or are contemplating initiating one within your organization, Bluehub Contact Centre recognizes the diverse needs of modern call centers. We understand that the quality of tools, workflow configurations, and staff positioning are crucial in efficiently managing numerous campaigns.

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Expert Guidance and Tailored Consultancy

Utilize Bluehub’s experienced professionals with firsthand experience managing large contact centers. We start by thoroughly understanding your goals to provide strategic advice and best practices for setting up your contact center. This will help improve your staff’s performance, better serve your clients, and enhance overall productivity.

Streamlined Agent and Supervisor Experience

Integrate all your PBX communications seamlessly with Bluehub Softphone’s Agent and Supervisor editions. The Supervisor edition enables real-time monitoring of agents and queues, tracks performance, and generates detailed reports. Simultaneously, the Agent edition equips your team with tools that enhance productivity, reduce interruptions, and foster effective customer communication.

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Advanced Dialer Capabilities

Our Contact Center Edition includes a sophisticated Dialer feature that automates call operations by loading data lists into a database and then dialing numbers based on predefined algorithms or settings. Manage campaigns dynamically, each containing lead lists and associated agents, providing extensive control over dialing and connecting calls.

Automatic Call Distribution

Utilize our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system to direct calls to the most appropriate agents, ensuring that customer inquiries are handled effectively. ACD features include priority routing, FIFO, queue callbacks, call monitoring, and call barging, enhancing the responsiveness and efficiency of your contact center.

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Comprehensive Campaign Monitoring

Access a complete overview of all active campaigns through the Campaigns’ Monitor page, which displays real-time data segmented into calls, agents, and contacts for superior organizational efficiency.

Omnichannel Communication

Achieve flawless integration across multiple communication channels with Bluehub UC Contact Centre. Our powerful Omnichannel capabilities merge voice, live chat, SMS, social media, and email, enabling a cohesive and efficient management experience. Transform your customer service operations into a dynamic, responsive powerhouse with tools to handle today’s diverse communication needs

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Transform how your contact center operates!

with Bluehub’s advanced software solutions, tailored consulting, and cutting-edge technology designed to elevate every aspect of customer interaction.