Advanced SIP Attack Protection

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Secure your VoIP Communications with Bluehub SIP PROTECT

Bluehub SIP PROTECT, an essential module of the Bluehub UC platform, is specifically designed to shield your VoIP PBX systems from the prevalent threats of SIP attacks, including brute-force attempts and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. These attacks can severely impact your business by causing VoIP service downtime, degrading call quality, and leading to direct financial losses.

Real-Time Advanced Threat Detection

Bluehub SIP PROTECT sets itself apart by monitoring LIVE SIP traffic, allowing for the immediate detection and mitigation of potential threats. It actively updates firewall rules and blocks IP addresses originating attacks, using sophisticated detection techniques such as:

Live SIP Traffic Monitoring

Constant surveillance of SIP communications to detect anomalies.

SIP Register and Invite Protection

Safeguards against unauthorized attempts to access your system.

Dynamic IP Block/Unblock

Automatically blocks attacking IPs and unblocks them if the attack ceases, preventing prolonged disruptions.

Configurable IP Whitelists and Blacklists

Allows for tailored security settings to fit your specific needs.

Permanent Block Threshold

Sets parameters for automatic permanent blocking of persistently malicious IPs.

Dynamic Defense Against Evolving Threats

With its fully automated attack protection system, Bluehub SIP PROTECT efficiently blocks and manages threats more adeptly than many traditional solutions. It responds to attacks by updating firewall rules and temporarily blocking malicious IP addresses, with the capability to automatically unblock them if the threats subside.

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Protection Against Auto Provisioning Attacks

Auto-provisioning services are notably vulnerable within SIP systems. It enhances security with integrated TFTP Brute Force attack detection, preventing attackers from redirecting profile provisioning requests or altering configuration parameters that could compromise your system.

Staying Ahead of Security Threats

Our security experts continuously develop innovative methods to protect your VOIP system, ensuring that Bluehub SIP PROTECT remains one step ahead of potential hackers.

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Defend your Business with Bluehub SIP PROTECT

Adopt Bluehub SIP PROTECT to safeguard your Bluehub UC Cloud PBX from sophisticated attacks. Ensure the integrity of your communications, prevent significant financial losses, and maintain customer trust.