Comprehensive Cloud Solution for your UC Implementations

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Whether you opt for a standalone setup with comprehensive backup options, a mirrored configuration, or a clustered environment with geographical redundancy, Bluehub HOSTING offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability. We work with our clients (and their leads) to design a solution that meets their requirements for cost and reslilliance.

Enterprise-Grade Hosting Solutions

With Bluehub HOSTING, gain immediate access to our state-of-the-art data center network, delivering enterprise-grade cloud solutions with superior security, reliability, and scalability. Our hosting platform is designed and managed by industry veterans. Using their in-depth knowledge and vast network of industry partners, you can stand on the shoulders of giants. Deploy your Bluehub UC Cloud PBX, Bluehub SMS Software platform, or Bluehub Billing software—each seamlessly integrated to provide a cohesive service experience.

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Customized for Your Business

Recognising that every business is unique, our hosting services are designed to be highly flexible. Adjust resources swiftly, scale efficiently, and benefit from straightforward, transparent pricing. Advanced networking tools enable you to create a cloud environment that aligns seamlessly with your operational goals.

Effortless Infrastructure Management

Leave the complexities of infrastructure management to us. Bluehub HOSTING enables you to concentrate on your core business activities by handling all aspects of infrastructure management, from racking and stacking to power management. Enjoy the advantages of enterprise-level features without the burden of costly on-premise equipment.

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Guaranteed Security and Continuous Operations

Rest assured, knowing your data is protected in our secure, continuously monitored data centers equipped with redundant network connections to ensure consistent uptime and safety.

Scalability and Performance

Partner with Bluehub and leverage our collaboration with industry leaders in the data centre and networking industry. Ensure your hosting solution is robust and capable of scaling to meet your business needs. Choose between our HOSTED Standalone or Cluster editions for tailored scalability and virtualization capabilities.

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Redundancy and Data Protection

Our network infrastructure is inherently designed to maintain operational continuity, with redundancy to handle disruptions effortlessly. Our networks and interconnections are designed with UC hosting in mind, favouring low latency and redundancy. Comprehensive backup functionalities further protect your hosted services, ensuring data integrity and availability.

Why Choose Bluehubcloud HOSTING?

At Bluehub, we provide more than cutting-edge technology. We offer a partnership that includes expert support, proven solutions, and tailored strategies to advance your business in the realm of cloud computing.

Elevate Your Cloud Strategy

Are you ready to transform your business operations? Partner with Bluehub for expert guidance through the complexities of cloud hosting. Let’s unlock the full potential of your infrastructure and ensure your business excels, supported by a foundation of innovation and security.