Why Choose Bluehub UC Cloud PBX Platform

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Maximize Your Service Offerings with Bluehub UC Software

At Bluehub, we recognize the intricate needs of Service Providers. Our UC platform is crafted to surpass traditional systems like Broadsoft, Mitel, Genesys, or Metaswitch, offering a cost-effective, feature-rich alternative that adapts to your specific demands.

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Simplifying Service Management with the Bluehubcloud Suite

Our suite of products enables you to offer a reliable, scalable, and feature-rich white-labeled cloud communications platform—the most competitive in the industry. Partners can rapidly deploy and manage their customers’ cloud communications services, enjoying total control with extensive scalability and configuration options that fit your business needs.

Integrated Billing System

  • Unified Platform: Combine invoicing, client management, and compliance into one streamlined Billing platform seamlessly connected to your Cloud PBX. Our system simplifies your processes, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Seamless Integration: Our system integrates smoothly with Bluehub UC Cloud PBX, allowing for efficient monitoring of client usage and precise invoicing.
  • Client Management Portal: Offer your clients a dedicated portal where they can independently manage their services and view billing details in real-time. This self-service feature boosts customer satisfaction by providing them control over their service interactions.
  • Bluehub Billing for Service Providers

    Discover the benefits of Bluehub Billing and revolutionize your telecommunications billing management with our intuitive, comprehensive solution.

    White Label Solutions:
Elevate Your Brand

    Custom Branding

    Market a sophisticated communication solution under your brand with Bluehubcloud White-Label solutions, enhancing your brand presence and allowing full control over customer experiences and pricing strategies.

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    Market Agility

    Launch into the market swiftly with a fully developed, comprehensive solution. Focus on expanding your customer base with a service that’s ready to deploy.

    Support and Innovation

    Benefit from ongoing expert support and continuous product enhancements to keep your offerings at the forefront of technology.

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    Strategic Advantages for Service Providers

    Risk Avoidance

    By partnering with Bluehub, avoid critical mistakes that can impact your business

    Strong Branding

    Strengthen your brand identity and customer loyalty with our White Label solutions.

    Cloud Innovation

    Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of cloud-based solutions to foster growth and adaptability.

    Multi-Tenant Support

    Scale your services efficiently with our multi-tenant capabilities, optimizing resource utilization and cost-efficiency.

    Device Compatibility

    Ensure a broad range of user devices are supported for seamless customer service continuity.

    Unique Value Proposition

    Differentiate your offerings to avoid direct comparisons with competitors.

    Sustainable Investment

    Choose business models that focus on asset ownership for long-term profitability.Choose business models that focus on asset ownership for long-term profitability.

    Carrier Agnostic Connectivity

    Select your preferred telephony provider without restrictions to maintain flexibility and control over your telecommunications services.

    Why Partner with Bluehub?

    Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

    Expand your service portfolio and secure a competitive edge by learning how our partnership can enhance your offerings and boost your profits.


    Stay ahead as the industry evolves by integrating our Cloud PBX and Billing solutions into your services.

    Office and Business Technology Providers

    If you're looking to broaden your services, we are ready to assist you in introducing additional high-value options. If you're looking to broaden your services, we are ready to assist you in introducing additional high-value options.

    Broadband Providers

    Add significant value to your offerings by integrating Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

    Are you ready?

    Join the successful service providers who have enhanced their service delivery with Bluehub UC Cloud PBX, a globally recognized software. Contact us today to discover how we can help you expand your services, reduce operational costs, and improve your competitive position in the market.