Elevate Your Video Conferencing Experience

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Take your team conferencing to the next level with Bluehub Meeting. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Bluehub UC Cloud PBX, this powerful module allows you to conduct high-quality video conferences and interactive meetings without the need to switch between applications.

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Features of Bluehub Meeting

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Effortless Integration

Instantly access all your Bluehub contacts and initiate meetings with a single click.

Comprehensive Conferencing Tools

  • Video Conferencing: Choose from grid or speaker views for a more tailored meeting experience.
  • Audio Conferencing: Clear and reliable audio options for every meeting.
  • Screen Sharing: Share your entire screen or just an app to facilitate discussions.
  • Remote Control: Take charge or hand over control during screen sharing sessions.
  • Group Chat: Communicate via text during meetings, share links, or important notes quietly.
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    Advanced Scheduling

    Easily schedule future meetings or set up recurring sessions to match your team’s availability.

    Enhanced Productivity and Engagement

  • Feel more connected with integrated video and audio conferencing.
  • Share multimedia content efficiently to keep your team engaged.
  • Utilize drag-and-drop functionality for managing participants and content.
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    Meeting Management Made Simple

  • Efficient tools to schedule, manage, and review meetings.
  • Send automated email notifications to keep everyone informed.
  • Efficient participant management, allowing for quick additions or removals, and muting options for better meeting control.
  • Accessibility and Convenience

  • Public Meeting Support: Host public meetings that anyone can join using just the meeting number.
  • Local Recording: Option to record meetings with audio only or both video and audio.
  • Web and Mobile App Access: Join or host meetings from any device using our Web app compatible with all major browsers, or through our dedicated Mobile apps for iOS and Android.
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    Get Started with Bluehub Meeting

    Discover how Bluehub Meeting can transform your virtual meetings and enhance your team’s productivity. With tools designed for effectiveness and ease of use, every meeting becomes an opportunity for seamless collaboration.